About this project

This project was designed to create winter and summer rearing habitat for salmonids throughout a 370 linear foot reach of San Geronimo Creek by installing a total of 18 pieces of large wood anchored with boulders that will aid in the production of an area of still water during high flows for salmon to eddy out in until flood waters recede. Rootwads and riparian plants installed along San Geronimo Creek upstream of the confluence will also provide shelter along the channel edge for fish to use to escape high velocities in the winter and to cool water temperatures during juvenile rearing periods in the summer. Logs and rootwads were also placed on the downstream corner of the confluence to create slower water and edge habitat.

The project will enhance riffle habitat and create low-velocity edge habitat downstream from the Larsen Creek confluence. In their Recovery Plan for Central California Coho ESU (2012), NOAA Fisheries (NMFS) recommends that immediate restoration actions be taken to restore channel complexity and increase pool frequency by retaining, recruiting, and actively inputting large wood into streams.

Additionally, this project will prevent channel incision from migrating upstream along the creek, further degrading aquatic habitat. This project required dewatering activities and using heavy equipment within the creek bed/channel.

  • $199,385 (not including match)- State Coastal Conservancy- Proposition 1 Funds
  • Designed by Stillwater Sciences, Joel Monschke
  • Constructed by Glissman Excavation, Inc. in Loomis, CA
  • Biomonitoring and regulatory compliance inspections by Sarah Phillips (MRCD)
  • Fish relocation by Sarah Phillips (Marin RCD), 1 staff from WRA, 6 volunteers (MMWD, NOAA NMFS, WSP, and Redwood Empire Trout Unlimited).
  • Construction monitoring by Jason Hoorn at Gold Ridge RCD


Marin Resource Conservation District


Completed in 2019

Type of project

  • Large wood augmentation
  • Stream and riparian habitat and upslope watershed sites

County or Counties

  • Marin


Lagunitas Creek

Project size

Under 5 acres/500 total linear feet

Permitting pathways used

Project photos